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You and Me

Brand New CD

We are excited to offer twelve new tracks featuring Bobby and Patsy Anne.

1. You And Me 2. Down The Trail of Aching Hearts 3. You Blacked My blue Eyes Once Too Often 4. Tennessee Waltz  5. Hello Number One 6. What A Day That Will Be 7.  One By One
8.  A Lonesome Song 9.  When I Stop Dreaming 10.  Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On
11. It’s You Only You That I Love.
12. There Is A River

Old Country Church

The Old Country Church

Our CD is being featured by a local web broadcaster on his program, “Heavenly Sunlight” through WGOD Gospel Express.com in all 50 states and 23 foreign countries!

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You're Still Number ONe

You’re Still Number One

CD Released July 5th, 2013

12 Great Songs…
all written by Bobby Hutch & Sharon Van Buren

You’re Still Number One
Blue Eyes
He Never Was True to Me
The Key to your Heart
Missouri Rain
If You Still Love Her
It Sure is Lonesome
Sing your Happy Song
Bobby Lee
Black Velvet Rose
The King of Country Music


Land of Liberty

Land of Liberty

CD GVR2501 – 2006

12 Great Songs all written by Bobby Hutch

A Lonesome Song
Land of Liberty
Every Moment that I’m Gone
Headin’ South on a Greyhound
Our Last Dance
A Girl each Place I Go
Before Daylight
The Cold Wind Blows in Detroit
Roses Fade Away
Lonesome Highway Blues
My Last Bluegrass Song
I’ve Been Down a Lot of Roads

Snow on the Bluegrass

Snow on the Bluegrass

CD GVR2502 – 2006

Dedicated to all veterans who served our country
in time of war and peace.
A special dedication to my old outfit, the 4th infantry division and
to all still living mothers who received a gold star.

12 Great Songs… many written by Bobby Hutch

Snow on the Bluegrass
Miracle Road
Hard Times
The Bluegrass State
East Kentucky Hills
My Old Kentucky Home
Please K.F.C.
Half a Man
Let Me Rest on Poppy Mountain
Hills of Kentucky
Three Gold Stars
Silver Dew on the Bluegrass

Sly Old Fox

CD GVR2503 – 2008

12 Songs for You!

Sly Old Fox
Nothing Great at the Pill
Pistol Packin’ Mama
Charmin’ Betsy
You Blacked my Blue Eyes
Hadacol Boogie
Living High
My Three Heros of Eighty-Seven
This Black Sheep
I Won’t Go Hunting with You Jake
Too Little and Too Late

The Corner Bar

CD GVR2504 – 2008

12 Great Songs…
all written by Bobby Hutch

One Night with Mary Lou
The Corner Bar
A Broken Heart Like Mine
All that Glitters is Not Gold
I’ve Only Got One Hangup
For a While
When Does Friendship Turn to Love
I’m Not Happy Here With You
I Can’t Get You Off My Mind
You Don’t Need Me Anymore
Let Me Hold You One More Time
Hell Can’t Be Much Worse

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